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Creekside's Fly Bi Night CGC


Now Retired and working on a performance career.


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Skeeter is quite a girl and is almost like her namesake the mosquito, but she only gives kisses instead! She is always right there beside me like velcro and wants to be able to touch me & be petted at all times. She is bubbly, bouncy & barky. She has a normal temprament with that I love life & I want you (Mommy) to know it attitude! She decided that she'd rather play soccer & frisbee games than do conformation which is a shame as she has a very nice head & outline and body angulation. She will be attending CGC classes this fall in preparation for going into the Rally & Obedience rings next spring (2013).
  • OFFA Hips-Good
  • CERF Clear 
  • VwD clear
  • MDR1-Normal/Normal
  • CHIC # 86432
  • Skeeter's pedigree
  • Spayed 10/24/2016

Whelped 3/2/2009

15 7/8"

Non-white Factored


Skeeter.JPG (62881 bytes)

Skeeter.JPG (62881 bytes)

Here she is a 3 yrs old and is quite a lady.

Skeeter.JPG (62881 bytes)
Pictured at 12 weeks


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