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Our Shared Stars

This page dedicated to all Creekside shelties and their owners.  These shelties are the companion stars of their families.  I promise if you send in a picture of your sheltie, it will be posted in the gallery.  If you family wants to chat with other owners of a Creekside sheltie, you can join us on Yahoo Groups.

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Chloe is busy taking obedience lessons and growing up in Memphis, TN
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Creekside's Poinsettia
Carola.jpg (17795 bytes)
Miss Lexi is growing up in SC
TurboChargeda.jpg (14745 bytes)
Creekside's Turbo-Charged
Turbo is growing up in NC

Beamer and Joy with their new family.

Missy18a.jpg (26637 bytes)

"Missy", Creekside Princess Mademoiselle

She is now in new home in South Carolina. 

Tinker Belle always wants to play in the water and now she can at Lake High Rock, NC

Acea.jpg (23536 bytes)     Ace18a.jpg (30959 bytes)
Creekside's Night Moves "Seger"


Romana.jpg (12648 bytes)

Romana.jpg (22241 bytes)

Am Ch. Michon Rendezvous, CGC

Hips -- OFFA--Excellent, Thyroid--Normal,  VwD-Clear & MDR1-Normal/Normal

Roman just turned 8 years on Aug. 2, 2010 and is now retired and living in the land of Zydeco and Cajun cuisine with his new owners.

Creekside's Ashley Downs, "Ashley"

Ashley is quite a little spitfire and loves life! She will be normal sized sheltie around 15" when grown. Contact me for more details about her. I believe she will make a wonderful performance prospect. Her zest for life is contagious and makes one happy just to watch her. She is happily tending the farm in South Carolina.

Creekside Danny Boy and Creekside's Southern Man

"Danny" and "Jackson"

Danny & Jackson Enjoy Playing Tag!


 Little Miss Abby joins her big brother's family & now lives in Columbia, SC 


Glossya.jpg (29782 bytes)

Gayle has a new home here in Clemson, SC where she hopes to pursue a performance future.

Visit Gayle's page


Crush is a beloved companion here in SC!

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Creekside Shelties

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