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We Have The Pitter, Patter Of Little Puppy Feet!! 

Derek  Jessica
We are very pleased to announce that Jessie, Creekeide’s Return To Snowy River was bred to the handsome Derek, Ch Lochlyn Dare To Dream, ROM. Jessie had 5 puppies on 11/03/2018. She had 1 Bi-blue boy, 1 Blue Merle boy, 1 Tri-color boy, 1 Bi-Blue girl & 1 Tri-color girl. At this time both girls are spoken for. The Bi-Blue girl is reserved for Creekside to see if she is show quality. The Tri-color little girl, Mouse, is a very tiny little girl and currently there is a waiting list for her. I do know I will not be keeping a male puppy as I do not need another male here. As always, all inquiries are welcome & puppies will be placed according to their quality (Pet/family companion, Performance & Show/conformation). Puppies will be available 12/29/30 when they are 8-9 weeks old.

Jessie X Derek pups

 Unfortunately, the ultrasound was negative & there will be NO puppies with the repeat breeding of Clara Belle, (Creekside’s Nutcracker Sweet), to the very handsome Tommen, (Starphire Lord Of The Seven Kingdoms, AKC ptd). However, we will be trying it again later on this spring in the hopes that things work out. The outstanding temperament that these two shelties gave their puppies is worth repeating.








All of our shelties receive genetic testing for Hips (OFFA), eyes (CERF), vWD, and MDR-1. All of our shelties are AKC registered. Companion, performance or show puppies are available to approved homes only. Please fill out the prospective owner's survey. References will be asked for (vet, groomer, landlord or other). Details about current or past pets, home, yard, family members will be asked for as well as a current picture of you. Those that are approved for a puppy (no matter the venue) will be notified from our contact list as our decisions are made. We do not ship our puppies as cargo or otherwise. You must come to us to bring a puppy home. You may fly here and bring the puppy back in the cabin with you, if you aren't within a reasonable driving distance.




 Phone call, emails are always welcome.  I do ask that you fill out a Prospective Owners Survey as I write all my notes on your survey.
I reserve the right to find the best homes for my shelties where they will be loved & cared for their entire lives.     

 Please see the Available Page for more information.  


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