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 Our Performance Crew


These shelties & their owners have done a wonderful job in different performance events & venues.  Their pictures & accomplishments are posted here to let you know that they can still do the work that shelties have always been bred to do.  A herding sheltie is a working sheltie and they must first be responsive to their owner (bidability & trainability) in order to  complete their tasks given to them to earn these titles & honors.    


'Beamer'...Creekside's 'Lil Deuce Coupe, RN, RA, CGC, TD  

 BTW, Beamer isn't named after a BMW,  he is named after Virginia Tech's football coach, Todd Beamer.  

*News Flash* Beamer went BOB & won the Herding Group at the Charleston Kennel Club's Fun Day Event May 1, 2010


'Joy"....Creekside's Simply Irresistible RN, CGC

  Way to go Elaine & Joy!

 Creekside's Nightingale, RN,RA,BN, CGC 'Gayle' 

Gayle competed in the Simpsonville Trials (Oct 22-23, 2011).    
      Saturday:  In the Beginner Novice class--Score of 196 and 3 rd Place to finish her Beginner Novice title.
                          In the Rally Advanced class--Score of  86  and 5 th Place to finish her Rally Advanced title.
      Sunday:   She earned an extra leg in the Beginner Novice class with a score of 198 & a 1 st Place finish!
                        In the Rally Advanced class she earned an extra leg with a score of 90 & a 5 th Place finish. Congratulations, Gayle!

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Creekside's Lady Chevelle, CGC, RN
9/24/2004 ~ 11/23/2017

Chevy finished her RN in Greenville 7/31/11. Way to go Chevy!



Creekside's Fly Bi Night

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