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About Creekside Shelties


Again, Welcome and I'm glad that you came to visit!  Sit down with something hot, cocoa, coffee or tea to keep you warm in the chill of winter and I'll tell you about Creekside's beginnings and more about our shelties.

I, like most people just wanted a sheltie as a family pet.  Shelly, a sweet little tri-color girl, was all that and more.  One day there will be a page about her.  Anyway, when she was about 6 yrs, our family almost lost her and I quickly found out that I couldn't be without a sheltie.  I began my search for another.  Through a series of circumstances, I found Lulu (mischievous sable girl) and her breeder, Pam Harmon of Nandina Shelties.  It was through Pam that I was introduced to the world of AKC conformation.  I joined the Clemson Kennel Club and the Spartanburg Shetland Sheepdog Club.  From the Spartanburg folks, I learned about the performance aspect of AKC events.  I really like Rally!  I have also learned many things from all of my friends & mentors at Stonerhaven (Bob & Tina Stoner), Poker Hill (Lois DeLanney), Hartwyn (Susan Brillhart), Keepsake (Chris Laughlin) & Goodtime Shelties (Joy Good).  They all have helped me so much!!  Thanks everyone!

I'm glad you can come and read about & see Creekside's beautiful shelties, past, present & the future ones to come.  I'm proud of the shelties we have bred and raised here.  I use the AKC breed standard for the Shetland Sheepdog as my guide for insuring a well bred sheltie with correct structure, a stable temperament, with a meltingly sweet expression!  That is the beautiful framework that matches a heart full of love with a desire to please and all of that is wrapped up in a beautiful long coat!

Creekside is a small hobby (AKC Conformation) endeavor.  My main focus is conformation (show) & Rally (performance events).
My goal has always been and still produce top quality show/breeding or performance/breeding prospects using the American Shetland Sheepdog Standard as my guide.  However, not every sheltie born qualifies as such because the standard is very high.  However, every sheltie, no matter their quality, is always a very good pet or family companion.

 I enjoy working & playing with my shelties everyday.  They are part of my family.  They enjoy romps outside in our fenced backyard, walks in the neighborhood, car trips and movie nights with popcorn on the couch.  However, I  do crate mine at night as I don't want them to get into mischief while I'm sleeping!  I have no kennel runs or such for my shelties as they are my pets as well.  If you are looking for a conformation/show prospect, a performance puppy or a family companion, give us a "ping" at the mailbox or feel free to call.  I'll be happy to talk to you.

Creekside Shelties


Creekside Shelties

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