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Dogs and puppies are shown by appointment only!

We have 4 beautiful puppies: 2 tri males, a sable male and female ready for their new homes. Call for details.


Please fill out our Prospective Owner's Survey if you are interested in being on our contact list. For more
information, please see our News & FAQ's Page.





It's all about RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERSHIP. That is just it.

Responsible pet owners make sure their pets are fed and watered and have shelter (preferably in the house)
Responsible pet owners provide vet care.
Responsible owners have fenced yards and don't let their animals roam at large (cats too)
Responsible pet owners don't let their intact male dog breed or their intact female dog get bred without planning it.
Responsible pet owners only breed their animals if they choose to and will make sure every puppy has a home with another responsible pet owner.
Responsible pet owners will always take a puppy or dog back that they have bred.
Responsible pet owners keep their pets for their life or only place them in places they will be forever.
Responsible pet owners promote responsible pet ownership and breeding.

Breeders aren't the bad guys. Dog showing and cat showing is not bad. BEING AN IRRESPONSIBLE PET OWNER IS THE BAD THING. Remind everyone you know to be responsible before we lose our rights to even own animals.

Animal rights groups are working by the minute, hour and day to take away our rights. Stand up and show them they can't!
Author Shannalee Waller-Michalsky


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