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 Creekside's Nightingale, RN,RA,BN, CGC '


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Gayle is a very special sheltie and is my youngest son's best friend. She is that rare sheltie that has a 'no nonsense' mental attitude with a Border Collie's work ethic. Yet, she loves to sleep on the sofa & eat your popcorn while you watch a movie!
She is a dream to work with as she easily learns new skills & by the second attempt, usually has it down pat. She loves a challenge and want to work everyday. She has been known to correct 'her' handler in the obedience ring when she thought I was messing up her performance!
I made the decision very early on to spay her, as her coat is very, very incorrect. It is as soft and silky smooth as I have ever felt on any dog, let alone a sheltie. It constantly snarls & knots with the least breath of wind. But she has a heart of gold, a beautifully correct temperament and fabulous work ethic. Those are still not enough to over come her conformation faults.

Whelped 5/23/2007

Spayed 4/8/2008
Conformation Height 16 1/4'
Obedience Jump height 12"

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Okay, I'm ready. What are going to do?


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But, Mom, Daddy has the cheese over here.

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