Adoption Survey- We are having problems receiving our surveys. Please read the questions and send your answers in a regular email. Thank you.

To make it easier to get to know prospective puppy owners, I have created this form. Please fill it out and submit it. Thank you for your interest in Creekside Shelties. We hope that we will be able to fulfill your desires for a wonderful sheltie.

Please provide the following contact information:

Primary Address
Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code
Work Phone
Home Phone
Secondary Address
Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code

Select which gender puppy you are interested in:


Select which color or colors you are interested in:

Sable and white
Blue merle
Bi Blue
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Select any of the following options that apply:

I have always had pets in my life.
This is my first puppy/dog of my own.
I have owned a sheltie before.
My sheltie will be kept in the house as a family member.
My sheltie will be kept outside.
I am physically able to keep up with a normal, active, sheltie puppy.
My sheltie will be a working member of my farm.
My backyard is enclosed with a fence.
I live in a pet friendly condo.
I live in a subdivision.
I live in a gated community.
I live out in the country on acreage.
I live in an apartment.
I have access to a dog park near me.
I am looking for a performance prospect.
I want a pup to train for agility.
I want a conformation show dog.
I have shown dogs in the past.
I will show the dog myself.
I will send my dog out with a handler.
I want to breed my dog.
I have another dog or dogs.
I have another sheltie or shelties.
I have children at home.
I do not have children at home.
My grandchildren come to visit.
Someone will usually be home with the pup during the day.
I have read and agree with the terms of your contract.
I understand that I must pick up my puppy. Due to new government regulations, the breeder is not able to ship puppies. 
I will come and pick up the puppy.

Would you like to remain on the contact list for future updates ? Please advise me if you find your sheltie elsewhere. I am happy to keep you on the list if you want to receive updates, but would like to know if you no longer are interested in getting a pup from Creekside Shelties. Thank you.

Yes No

Please tell me about yourself and your interest and history with shelties.

Trish Watters   
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