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Creekside’s Return To Snowy River





Photo at 18 months

Jessica is a very sweet young lady who loves to give kisses.  She is a fierce ball player and is always looking to play.  Yet, she is a lady in the house and insists on a place on the couch, not just by it.   Jessie has been taking CGC classes and decided to interrupt them to become a Mommy.  She had only 3 classes to go before her test.  We will definitely keep training & will take her test next spring as well as the CGC-Advanced & Urban.

She is part of our fabulous litter sired by Am Ch Blue Heaven Spittin Image & out of our lovely Skeeter.

  • OFFA Hips-Pending
  • CERF-Normal
  • vWD- Clear by paretage 
  • MDR1-Clear by paretage 
  • Thyroid- Pending

jessie 13 months

Whelped 03/12/2015

15 1/4"

White Factored

Bi - Blue


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